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  • Back from Africa and getting caught up – thank you for putting together a wonderful trip!

    Don V.
  • We really enjoyed the vacation and thank you so much for your time and concern for our enjoyment in a once in a lifetime trip. You are to be commended on the thorough vacation experience!
    Thanks for your time and expertise.

    Len G.
  • Thank you so much for organizing our Europe trip. We had a once in a lifetime experience! We couldn’t of done it without your help- Thank you!

    Lindsay K.
  • The trip was great and quite a whirlwind as we expected!! The transfers all worked out fine; we also got very comfortable with the different public transportation options in each place.

  • The trip was amazing! Best 10 days of our life. Everything went flawlessly, the transfers made everything so easy! Venice was my favorite while Prague was Sam’s-The Amalfi coast was breathtaking (our tour guide was hilarious, too), and so Pompeii was fascinating.